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Check out our NEW Zika antibody and sGP ELISA Kit!

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IBT Bioservices’ mission is to provide top client value by applying our infectious disease expertise, collaborative scientific interaction, and a flexible, cost-effective business model. The result is timely and relevant data for our clients' needs.

Our scientists are leaders in their areas and can provide the highest level of expertise for your R&D programs. Read more about IBT.

Spotlight On:

  • Check out IBT’s new Zika animal model!
    This model is developed in AG129 mice (Age 6-10 weeks). A variety of readouts including survival, weight change, health score, serum viremia, and tissue viremia can be tested. Reach out to us for additional details about testing your vaccine or therapeutic.
  • Learn more about IBT’s Filovirus GP VSV-pseudotyped Assay
    Pseudotyped virus was pre-incubated with KZ52 (EBOV-VSV), 16F6 (SUDV-VSV) or anti-MARV IgG (MARV)VSV for 1 hour before adding virus to vero cells overnight. After 24 hours, cells are lysed and percent of infection was determined by luciferase intensity. Neutralization was determined relative to the untreated virus controls. In dose response experiments the concentration of antibody causing 50% neutralization (IC50) will be determined.
  • Test your compounds in IBT’s Dengue Virus Mouse Model
    IBT Bioservices' Dengue Virus AG129 mouse model using the D2Y98P dengue clinical isolate is an attractive platform for assessing the efficacy of dengue (DENV) drug and vaccine candidates. This is a lethal model which uses a unique non-mouse-adapted strain of DENV serotype 2 (D2Y98P), isolated from a DENV-infected patient in Singapore, which is highly infectious in AG129 mice. The model is based on the publication of Tan et al. 2010. The model provides consistent clinical manifestations of disease that are similar to human cases.
  • IBT can help you identify lead candidates with our in vitro screening assays
    A key step in drug discovery is screening assays to assess antiviral activity. We offer a set of assays in key virus families. We can help you select appropriate assays for your specific compound and mechanism of action. We perform cytotoxicity analysis of the compounds to ensure your efficacy data are meaningful and within a reasonable therapeutic window. We can develop custom assays tailored to your specific program.
  • Ask us about our Influenza Animal Models!
    IBT Bioservices has developed several mouse models of IFV infection wherein mice are inoculated intranasally with an LD90 dose of virus. Test articles are administered per client instruction, and positive controls are available for comparison. Routine study endpoints include: lethality health score, weight, temperature, viral burden in lungs / BALF, cytokine response. IBT's challenge virus seeds are well characterized and lead to highly reproducible lethality rates. To demonstrate this characterization, a meta-analysis was performed on over 30 groups challenged with an LD90 of the IFV A/Texas/36/91 (H1N1) strain (~52 PFU). The result was an average 12.4% survival rate (very near the theoretical 10%) with a mean time to death of 8.2 days.

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