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IBT Bioservices offers a robust selection of research services to support early R&D efforts for antiviral and antibacterial drugs, vaccines, and supporting assay development.


Our team has extensive experience in molecular and enzymatic assays, and immunoassays as singleplex (ELISA) and multiplex (Luminex xMAP®, BD FACSymphony A3®) platforms. Whether it is pharmacokinetic, immunogenicity or biomarker analysis, we provide rapid turnaround and consistent results for your projects

We can develop project specific custom assays using your research plan as the blueprint to help you meet your R&D goals in a time & cost-efficient manner. We develop our assays using best practice, with QC for all assays, so they can be adapted for future GLP use. IBT Bioservices can source or develop the necessary reagents for your assays. And, through our network of partners, we will transition your studies to be run under GLP as needed.

Working with Our Clients

At IBT Bioservices we don’t just run the study your design: we collaborate with you to design a robust study that is an exact right fit for your research needs.  We take pride in our ability to deliver confidential, accurate and on-time results taking a milestone approach to customize any project to each client’s specific needs. Our research services cover assay feasibility, development/transfer and non-GLP sample analysis.

Here are the steps of our study timeline:

custom assays

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