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We are proud to introduce a few of the new products that have recently been added.  IBT Bioservices offers the most comprehensive collection of commercially available reagents to support research in filovirus, and Staphylococcus aureus, in addition to other pathogens.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Rabbit anti-EBOV GPΔmuc Polyclonal Antibody


Catalog #: 0301-038

Description: Purified rabbit polyclonal antibody reactive to EBOV GP. The antibody detects recombinant EBOV GP (modified) in Western blot and ELISA.

Size: 500 µg of antibody is supplied in DPBS at a concentration of 1.877 mg/mL.

Relevance: The antibody can be used for detection of EBOV GP.

Recommended Dilutions:

  • ELISA: Assay-dependent dilution.
  • WB: Assay-dependent dilution; internal QC demonstrates strong detection of 50 ng of purified recombinant EBOV GP (modified) with a use dilution from 2 µg per mL of antibody in diluent using an HRP antibody conjugate and chromogenic substrate for visualization.

Western blots were detected with anti-EBOV GPΔmuc at 2 µg/mL and visualized using an anti-rabbit HRP conjugate and chromogenic substrate.  Heat-denatured and reduced GP is visualized as multiple bands representing differing glycosylation patterns and GP subunits as observed above: EBOV Makona rGPΔTM (lane 1) and EBOV Mayinga rGPΔmuc (lane 2)

Recombinant Ebola virus Glycoprotein minus the Mucin Domain (EBOV rGPΔmuc – Mayinga)

Catalog #:  0511-025

Description: Recombinant, purified Ebola virus protein with HIS-Tag (EBOV rGPΔmuc – Mayinga strain) is produced in stably-transfected Drosophila Schneider 2 (S2) cells and is purified by FPLC.

Size:  100 µg of protein supplied PBS, pH7.4 (supplemented with glycerol, arginine and glutamic acid) at a concentration of 2.251 mg/mL.

Relevance: Recombinant glycoprotein provides a means for antibody development, control protein for testing, and a tool to enhance research.

(Panel A) SDS-PAGE demonstrating 1 mg and 5 mg (lane 1, 2 respectively) of EBOV rGPΔmuc protein under denaturing and reducing conditions. MW denotes Novex® Sharp pre-stained protein standard.

(Panel B) Western blot detection of EBOV rGPΔmuc at 50 ng, 100 ng and 500 ng (lanes 1-3) under denaturing and reducing conditions.  EBOV rGPΔmuc was detected using an anti-EBOV rGPΔmuc pAb (cat# 0301-038) at 2.0 mg/mL and anti-rabbit IgG-HRP conjugate, followed by TMB membrane substrate.

West Nile Virus-NS1 Protein expressed in ExpreS2 TM system

 Catalog #:  0557-001

Description: Recombinant West Nile Virus (WNV) non-structural protein 1 expressed in Drosophila Schneider (S2) insect cells using ExpreS2 TM expression system. Theoretical MW = 43.4 kDa

Size: 100 µg of protein is supplied in PBS at a concentration of 1.762 mg/mL.

Relevance: Recombinant protein provides a means as a control protein for immunoassays and a tool to enhance Flavivirus research.

SDS-PAGE: Quality control testing shows a prominent band around 49 kDa.

S. aureus Hla ELISA Kit


Catalog #: 0120-001

Description:  For the quantitative measurement of S. Aureus alpha hemolysin (Hla) in bacterial culture media and serum (mouse and rabbit)

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