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Filoviruses such as Ebola, Sudan, Marburg and others are deadly pathogens which cause hemorrhagic fevers.  The 2014 Ebola outbreak has caused more than 10,000 deaths. IBT offers the most comprehensive collection of commercially available reagents to support filovirus vaccine, therapeutic, and diagnostic research. IBT’s filovirus reagent line covers many filovirus species such as Ebola, Sudan, Marburg, Bundibugyo, and Reston and multiple virus components including key virus proteins and protein domains. Product types include recombinant proteins; monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies; antisera; etc. Specific targets covered include GP; L; NP; VP40; transmembrane and mucin-like domains; and others.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about discounts for bulk purchases, please contact us.

NotesProduct NameTargetCat #SizeDatasheetPriceBuy
NewAnti-MARV GP Chimeric mAb (N-125)Marburg Virus0203-028100 ug$619.00
NewAnti-MARV GP Chimeric mAb (N-222)Marburg Virus0203-031100 ug$619.00
NewAnti-MARV GP Chimeric mAb (N-256)Marburg Virus0203-030100 ug$619.00
NewAnti-MARV GP Chimeric mAb (N-417)Marburg Virus0203-029100 ug$619.00
anti-MARV GP chimeric monoclonal antibody (human IgG1)Marburg virus0203-026100 ug$619.00
NewChimeric anti-MARV GP mAb (2D8)Marburg Virus0203-027100 ug$531.00
Ebola Virus Delta PeptideEbola Virus0509-001100 ug$544.00
Ebola virus-like particles (EBOV VLP)Ebola Virus0550-0011 mg$656.00
EBOV Soluble GP (sGP) ELISA KitEbola Virus0100-0011 ea$656.00
Human anti-EBOV GP mAb (KZ52)Ebola Virus0260-001100 ug$563.00
Mouse anti-(EBOV GP) mAb (4F3)Ebola Virus0201-020100 µg$563.00
Mouse anti-EBOV GP mAb (13C6)Ebola virus0201-024100 ug$563.00
Mouse anti-EBOV VP40 mAb (3G5)Ebola Virus0201-016100 ug$563.00
Mouse anti-EBOV VP40 mAb (5B12)Ebola Virus0201-017100 ug$563.00
Mouse anti-EBOV VP40 mAb (AE11)Ebola Virus0201-018100 ug$563.00
Discontinued-See Cat # 0203-027Mouse anti-MARV GP mAb (2D8)Marburg Virus0203-025100 ug$425.00
Mouse anti-MARV GP mAb (5C1)Marburg Virus0203-023100 ug$531.00
Mouse anti-MARV VP40 mAb (1D1)Marburg Virus0203-012100 ug$531.00
Mouse anti-MMARV VP40 mAb (6B1)Marburg Virus0203-016100 ug$531.00
Mouse anti-SUDV GP mAb (16F6)Sudan Virus0280-001100 ug$531.00
Mouse anti-SUDV GP mAb (2H5)Sudan Virus0202-029100 ug$531.00
Mouse anti-SUDV VP40 mAb (1G10)Sudan Virus0202-018100 ug$531.00
Musoke-Marburg virus-like particles (MMARV VLP)Marburg Virus0566-0011 mg$656.00
Pan-Filovirus Chimeric anti-GP mAbEbola, Sudan, Marburg virus0200-003100 ug$619.00
Discontinued-See Cat# 0200-003Pan-Filovirus Mouse anti-GP mAbEbola, Sudan, Marburg virus0200-001100 ug$495.00
Rabbit anti-BDBV GP pAbBundibugyo Virus0304-001100 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV Delta PeptideEbola Virus0366-001100 ug$531.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV GP pAbEbola Virus0301-015100 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV GP pAb BiotinylatedEbola Virus0301-015-bio100 ug$688.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV GPddmuc pAbEbola virus0301-038100 ug$531.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV L-Polymerase pAbEbola Virus0301-045500 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV NP pAbEbola Virus0301-012100 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV Soluble GP (sGP) pAbEbola Virus0365-001100 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV VLP antiserumEbola Virus01-0004250 uL$413.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV VLP pAbEbola Virus0315-001500 ug$531.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV VP24 pAbEbola virus0301-046100 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV VP24 pAbEbola virus0301-047100 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV VP30 pAbEbola Virus0301-048100 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV VP35 pAbEbola Virus0301-040100 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV VP40 pAbEbola Virus0301-010100 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-MARV GP pAbMarburg Virus0303-007100 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-MARV GP pAb BiotinylatedMarburg Virus0303-007-bio100 ug$688.00
Rabbit anti-MARV NP pAbMarburg Virus0303-012100 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-MARV VLP antiserumMarburg Virus01-0005250 uL$413.00
Rabbit anti-MARV VLP pAbMarburg Virus04-0005500 ug$300.00
Rabbit anti-MARV VP40 pAbMarburg Virus0303-001100 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-RESTV GP pAbReston Virus0305-001100 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-SUDV GP pAbSudan Virus0302-020500 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-SUDV NP pAbSudan Virus0302-012100 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-SUDV soluble GP (sGP) pAbSudan Virus0302-030100ug$531.00
Rabbit anti-SUDV VP40 pAbSudan Virus0302-001100 ug$563.00
Recombinant AMARV GPddmuc (Sf9)Marburg Virus0516-015100 ug$544.00
Recombinant AMARV GPDTMMarburg Virus0506-015100 ug$575.00
Recombinant AMARV GPDTMMarburg Virus0506-016500 ug$2,300.00
Recombinant BDBV GPDTMBundibugyo Virus0505-015100 ug$575.00
Recombinant EBOV GPDTM (mammalian)Ebola Virus0501-001100 ug$656.00
Recombinant EBOV GPDTM (S2)Ebola Virus0501-025100ug$575.00
Recombinant EBOV GPDTM (S2)Ebola Virus0501-026500 ug$2,300.00
Recombinant EBOV GPDTM (Sf9)Ebola Virus0501-015100 ug$575.00
Recombinant EBOV GPDTM (Sf9)Ebola Virus0501-016500 ug$2,300.00
Recombinant EBOV Soluble GP (sGP)Ebola Virus0565-001100 ug$656.00
Recombinant EBOV VP24Ebola Virus0501-030100 ug$575.00
Recombinant EBOV VP40Ebola Virus0564-001100 ug$575.00
Recombinant EBOV-Makona GPdTM (S2)Ebola virus0501-010100 ug$575.00
Recombinant EBOV-Mayinga GPddmuc (S2)Ebola virus0511-025100 ug$544.00
Recombinant MARV VP40Marburg Virus0568-001100 ug$575.00
Recombinant MMARV GPdTMMarburg Virus0503-001100 ug$1,031.00
Recombinant RAVN GPΔdmuc (S2)Ravn Virus0513-015100 ug$544.00
Recombinant RESTV GPDTMReston Virus0504-015100 ug$575.00
Recombinant SUDV GPddmuc (Sf9)Sudan Virus0512-015100 ug$544.00
Recombinant SUDV GPDTMSudan Virus0502-015100 ug$575.00
Recombinant SUDV GPdTM (mammalian), HA-tagSudan Virus0502-001100 ug$656.00
NewRecombinant SUDV GPdTM (mammalian), HIS-tagSudan Virus0502-002100 ug$656.00
NewRecombinant SUDV GPdTM-Gulu StrainSudan Virus0502-025100 ug$575.00
Recombinant SUDV Soluble GP (sGP)Sudan Virus0570-001100 ug$656.00
Recombinant SUDV VP40Sudan Virus0569-001100 ug$575.00
Recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus pseudotyped Ebola glycoprotein (rVSV pseudotyped EBOV GP)Ebola Virus1001-00120 uL$656.00
Recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus pseudotyped Marburg glycoprotein (rVSV pseudotyped MARV-Angola GP)Marburg Virus1004-001100 uL$656.00
Recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus pseudotyped Sudan glycoprotein (rVSV pseudotyped SUDV GP)Sudan Virus1002-00140 uL$656.00
Sudan virus-like particles (SUDV VLP)Sudan Virus0567-0011 mg$656.00
SUDV Soluble GP (sGP) ELISA KitSudan Virus0102-0011 ea$656.00
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