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IBT’s reagent line covers a range of viruses. Product types include antisera, and purified polyclonal antibodies against these viruses.

Specific targets covered include Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus (CCHFV); Japanese Encephalitis Virus (JEV); Junin and Lassa Viruses; Rift Valley Fever Virus (RVFV); Vaccinia; etc.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about discounts for bulk purchases, please contact us.

NotesProduct NameTargetCat #SizeDatasheetPriceBuy
Nipah virus Attachment G proteinNipah virus0580-001100 ug$575.00
Rabbit anti-CCHFV Gc pAbCrimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus04-0012100ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-CCHFV N protein pAbCrimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus04-0011100 ug$563.00
Rabbit anti-Japanese Encephalitis (JEV) antiserumJapanese Encephalitis Virus01-0007250 uL$443.00
Rabbit anti-Junin antiserumJunin Virus01-0006250 uL$495.00
Rabbit anti-Junin pAbJunin Virus04-0006500 ug$300.00
Rabbit anti-LASV GP pAbLassa Virus0307-001100 ug$525.00
Rabbit anti-LASV Z pAbLassa Virus0307-002100 ug$525.00
Out of StockRabbit anti-Rift Valley Fever (RVFV) antiserumRabbit anti-Rift Valley Fever (RVFV) antiserum01-0001250 uL$495.00
Out of StockRabbit anti-Rift Valley Fever (RVFV) pAbRift Valley Fever Virus04-0001500 ug$300.00
Rabbit anti-Vaccinia antiserumVaccinia Virus01-0003250 uL$495.00
Rabbit anti-Zika GP pAbZika virus0308-001100 ug$531.00
Rabbit anti-Zika NS1 pAbZika Virus0308-002100 ug$531.00
Recombinant Lassa Virus Z ProteinLassa Virus0508-001100 ug$544.00
Recombinant Zika Ev2-dimer (S2)Zika Virus0556-002100 ug$544.00
Recombinant Zika Ev2-monomer (S2)Zika Virus0556-001100 ug$544.00
Recombinant Zika Ns2B-Ns3 (S2)Zika Virus0555-001100 ug$544.00
West Nile Virus-NS1 (S2)West Nile Viurs0557-001100 ug$544.00
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