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Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterium which is a leading cause of hospital and community acquired infections. IBT’s S. aureus reagent line covers a range of virulence factors such as toxins, pore-forming toxins, superantigens, hemolysins, etc. Product types include recombinant, functionally active, purified proteins; monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies; etc. Specific targets covered include alpha hemolysin (alpha-toxin); gamma hemolysin (Hlg); Panton-Valentine Leukocidin (PVL); staphylococcal enterotoxin A (SEA); staphylococcal enterotoxin B (SEB);  toxic shock syndrome toxin 1 (TSST-1); bicomponent toxins such as LukS-PV, LukF-PV, HlgB, and HlgC; and others.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about discounts for bulk purchases, please contact us.

NotesProduct NameTargetCat #SizeDatasheetPriceBuy
Lipoteichoic acid (LTA)LTA1600-0015 mg$140.00
Mouse anti-Hla mAb (6C12)Hla0210-005100 ug$395.00
Mouse anti-Hla mAb (8B7)Hla0210-001100 ug$395.00
Mouse anti-LTA mAbLTA0270-001200 ug$175.00
Mouse anti-LukS-PV mAb (1D9)LukS-PV0221-001100 ug$350.00
Mouse anti-SEB mAb (2C1)SEB0220-013100 ug$275.00
Mouse anti-SEB mAb (3D10)SEB0220-009100 ug$350.00
PSM-Alpha 3PSM Alpha 31401-004100 ug$150.00
Rabbit anti-(SEA, SEB, TSST-1) pAbSEA, SEB, TSST-10311-001500 ug$225.00
Rabbit anti-Hla pAbHla04-0010500 ug$250.00
Rabbit anti-Hlg B pAbHlg B0314-001500 ug$300.00
Rabbit anti-Hlg C pAbHlg C0314-002500 ug$300.00
Rabbit anti-LukA pAbLukA0316-001100 ug$300.00
Rabbit anti-LukAB pAb (neutralizing)LukAB0313-001500 ug$350.00
Rabbit anti-LukB pAbLukB0317-001100 ug$300.00
Rabbit anti-LukF-PV pAbLukF-PV0312-002500 ug$300.00
Rabbit anti-LukS-PV pAbLukS-PV04-0009500 ug$300.00
Recombinant Hla (tag free)Hla1401-002100 ug$175.00
Recombinant HldHld1401-003100 ug$125.00
Recombinant Hlg A (tag free)Hlg A1403-003100 ug$300.00
Recombinant Hlg B (tag-free)Hlg B1404-001100 ug$300.00
Recombinant Hlg C (tag-free)Hlg C1405-001100 ug$300.00
Recombinant LukAB (tag free)LukAB0510-001100ug$350.00
Recombinant LukD (tag free)LukD0530-003100 ug$300.00
Recombinant LukE (tag free)LukE0530-004100 ug$300.00
Recombinant LukF-PV (His tagged)LukF-PV0536-001100 ug$300.00
Recombinant LukF-PV (tag free)LukF-PV0540-002100 ug$325.00
Recombinant LukS-PV (His tagged)LukS-PV0530-001100 ug$300.00
Recombinant LukS-PV (tag free)LukS-PV0540-001100 ug$325.00
Recombinant Staphylococcal Enterotoxin K (SEK)Staphylococcal Enterotoxin K0532-001100ug$325.00
Recombinant Staphylococcal Enterotoxin Q (SEQ)Staphylococcal Enterotoxin Q0533-001100 ug$325.00
Recombinant TSST-1 (tag free)TSST-11402-001100 ug$150.00
S. aureus Enterotoxin-B (SEB) ELISA KitSEB0123-0011 each$495.00
S. aureus Hla ELISA KitHla0120-0011 each$495.00
S. aureus LukF ELISA KitLukF-PV0122-0011 each$495.00
S. aureus LukS ELISA KitLukS-PV0121-0011 each$495.00
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