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IBT Bioservices offers the most comprehensive collection of commercially available reagents to support research in filovirus, Staphylococcus aureus, and other pathogens.  Our product line includes polyclonal antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, and microbial antigens for the various pathogen targets including SARS-CoV-2 and is based on proprietary technology. These highly specific reagents are excellent and unique tools for research and development.

Better reagents, Better results!

NotesProduct NameTargetCat #SizeDatasheetPriceBuy
Chimeric anti-(C. perfringens ETX) mAbC. perfringens ETX0240-001100 ug$425.00
Ebola Virus Delta PeptideEbola Virus0509-001100 ug$435.00
Ebola virus-like particles (EBOV VLP)Ebola Virus0550-0011 mg$495.00
EBOV Soluble GP (sGP) ELISA KitEbola Virus0100-0011 ea$495.00
EcoCRM™ Diphtheria Toxin CRM197 Mutant Vaccine Carrier ProteinDiphtheria Toxin1601-0011 mg$250.00
Human anti-(C. difficile toxin A) mAbC. difficile toxin A0250-001100 ug$425.00
Human anti-(C. difficile toxin B) mAbC. difficile toxin B0250-002100 ug$425.00
Human anti-EBOV GP mAb (KZ52)Ebola Virus0260-001100 ug$425.00
Lipoteichoic acid (LTA)LTA1600-0015 mg$140.00
Mouse anti-(EBOV GP) mAb (4F3)Ebola Virus0201-020100 µg$425.00
NewMouse anti-EBOV GP mAb (13C6)Ebola virus0201-024100 ug$425.00
Mouse anti-EBOV VP40 mAb (3G5)Ebola Virus0201-016100 ug$425.00
Mouse anti-EBOV VP40 mAb (5B12)Ebola Virus0201-017100 ug$425.00
Mouse anti-EBOV VP40 mAb (AE11)Ebola Virus0201-018100 ug$425.00
Mouse anti-Hla mAb (6C12)Hla0210-005100 ug$395.00
Mouse anti-Hla mAb (8B7)Hla0210-001100 ug$395.00
Mouse anti-LTA mAbLTA0270-001200 ug$175.00
Mouse anti-LukS-PV mAb (1D9)LukS-PV0221-001100 ug$350.00
Mouse anti-MARV GP mAb (2D8)Marburg Virus0203-025100 ug$425.00
Mouse anti-MARV GP mAb (5C1)Marburg Virus0203-023100 ug$425.00
Mouse anti-MARV VP40 mAb (1D1)Marburg Virus0203-012100 ug$425.00
Mouse anti-MMARV VP40 mAb (6B1)Marburg Virus0203-016100 ug$425.00
Mouse anti-SEB mAb (2C1)SEB0220-013100 ug$275.00
Mouse anti-SEB mAb (3D10)SEB0220-009100 ug$350.00
Mouse anti-SUDV GP mAb (16F6)Sudan Virus0280-001100 ug$425.00
Mouse anti-SUDV GP mAb (2H5)Sudan Virus0202-029100 ug$425.00
Mouse anti-SUDV VP40 mAb (1G10)Sudan Virus0202-018100 ug$425.00
Musoke-Marburg virus-like particles (MMARV VLP)Marburg Virus0566-0011 mg$495.00
Pan-Filovirus Chimeric anti-GP mAbEbola, Sudan, Marburg virus0200-003100 ug$495.00
Pan-Filovirus Mouse anti-GP mAbEbola, Sudan, Marburg virus0200-001100 ug$495.00
PSM-Alpha 3PSM Alpha 31401-004100 ug$150.00
Rabbit anti-(SEA, SEB, TSST-1) pAbSEA, SEB, TSST-10311-001500 ug$225.00
Rabbit anti-BDBV GP pAbBundibugyo Virus0304-001100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-CCHFV Gc pAbCrimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus04-0012100ug$420.00
Rabbit anti-CCHFV N protein pAbCrimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus04-0011100 ug$420.00
Rabbit anti-Chikungunya (CHIKV) antiserumChikungunya Virus01-0008250 uL$420.00
Rabbit anti-Chikungunya (CHIKV) pAbChikungunya Virus04-0008500 ug$240.00
Rabbit anti-CHIKV E2 pAbChikungunya Virus0306-001100 ug$450.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV Delta PeptideEbola Virus0366-001100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV GP pAbEbola Virus0301-015100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV GP pAb BiotinylatedEbola Virus0301-015-bio100 ug$550.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV GPddmuc pAbEbola virus0301-038100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV L-Polymerase pAbEbola Virus0301-045500 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV NP pAbEbola Virus0301-012100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV Soluble GP (sGP) pAbEbola Virus0365-001100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV VLP antiserumEbola Virus01-0004250 uL$330.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV VLP pAbEbola Virus0315-001500 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV VP24 pAbEbola virus0301-046100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV VP24 pAbEbola virus0301-047100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV VP30 pAbEbola Virus0301-048100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV VP35 pAbEbola Virus0301-040100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-EBOV VP40 pAbEbola Virus0301-010100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-EEEV E2 GP pAbEastern Equine Encephalitis Virus0318-001100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-Hla pAbHla04-0010500 ug$250.00
Rabbit anti-Hlg B pAbHlg B0314-001500 ug$300.00
Rabbit anti-Hlg C pAbHlg C0314-002500 ug$300.00
Rabbit anti-Japanese Encephalitis (JEV) antiserumJapanese Encephalitis Virus01-0007250 uL$354.00
Rabbit anti-Junin antiserumJunin Virus01-0006250 uL$396.00
Rabbit anti-Junin pAbJunin Virus04-0006500 ug$204.00
Rabbit anti-LASV GP pAbLassa Virus0307-001100 ug$420.00
Rabbit anti-LASV Z pAbLassa Virus0307-002100 ug$420.00
Rabbit anti-LukA pAbLukA0316-001100 ug$300.00
Rabbit anti-LukAB pAb (neutralizing)LukAB0313-001500 ug$350.00
Rabbit anti-LukB pAbLukB0317-001100 ug$300.00
Rabbit anti-LukF-PV pAbLukF-PV0312-002500 ug$300.00
Rabbit anti-LukS-PV pAbLukS-PV04-0009500 ug$300.00
Rabbit anti-MARV GP pAbMarburg Virus0303-007100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-MARV GP pAb BiotinylatedMarburg Virus0303-007-bio100 ug$550.00
Rabbit anti-MARV NP pAbMarburg Virus0303-012100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-MARV VLP antiserumMarburg Virus01-0005250 uL$330.00
Rabbit anti-MARV VLP pAbMarburg Virus04-0005500 ug$200.00
Rabbit anti-MARV VP40 pAbMarburg Virus0303-001100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-RESTV GP pAbReston Virus0305-001100 ug$425.00
Out of StockRabbit anti-Rift Valley Fever (RVFV) antiserumRabbit anti-Rift Valley Fever (RVFV) antiserum01-0001250 uL$396.00
Out of StockRabbit anti-Rift Valley Fever (RVFV) pAbRift Valley Fever Virus04-0001500 ug$204.00
Rabbit anti-SUDV GP pAbSudan Virus0302-020500 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-SUDV NP pAbSudan Virus0302-012100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-SUDV soluble GP (sGP) pAbSudan Virus0302-030100ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-SUDV VP40 pAbSudan Virus0302-001100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-Vaccinia antiserumVaccinia Virus01-0003250 uL$396.00
Rabbit anti-Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis (VEE) antiserumVenezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus01-0002250 uL$396.00
Rabbit anti-Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis (VEE) pAbVenezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus04-0002500 ug$204.00
Rabbit anti-WEEV E2 GP pAbWestern Equine Encephalitis Virus0319-001100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-Zika GP pAbZika virus0308-001100 ug$425.00
Rabbit anti-Zika NS1 pAbZika Virus0308-002100 ug$425.00
Recombinant AMARV GPddmuc (Sf9)Marburg Virus0516-015100 ug$435.00
Recombinant AMARV GPDTMMarburg Virus0506-015100 ug$435.00
Recombinant AMARV GPDTMMarburg Virus0506-016500 ug$1,740.00
Recombinant BDBV GPDTMBundibugyo Virus0505-015100 ug$435.00
Recombinant EBOV GPDTM (mammalian)Ebola Virus0501-001100 ug$495.00
Recombinant EBOV GPDTM (S2)Ebola Virus0501-025100ug$435.00
Recombinant EBOV GPDTM (S2)Ebola Virus0501-026500 ug$1,740.00
Recombinant EBOV GPDTM (Sf9)Ebola Virus0501-015100 ug$435.00
Recombinant EBOV GPDTM (Sf9)Ebola Virus0501-016500 ug$1,740.00
Recombinant EBOV Soluble GP (sGP)Ebola Virus0565-001100 ug$495.00
Recombinant EBOV VP24Ebola Virus0501-030100 ug$435.00
Recombinant EBOV VP40Ebola Virus0564-001100 ug$435.00
Recombinant EBOV-Makona GPdTM (S2)Ebola virus0501-010100 ug$435.00
Recombinant EBOV-Mayinga GPddmuc (S2)Ebola virus0511-025100 ug$435.00
Recombinant EEEV E2 GP (E3E2)Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus0560-001100 ug$425.00
Recombinant Hla (tag free)Hla1401-002100 ug$175.00
Recombinant HldHld1401-003100 ug$125.00
Recombinant Hlg A (tag free)Hlg A1403-003100 ug$300.00
Recombinant Hlg B (tag-free)Hlg B1404-001100 ug$300.00
Recombinant Hlg C (tag-free)Hlg C1405-001100 ug$300.00
Recombinant Influenza hemagglutinin H1 Puerto RicoInfluenza Hemagglutinin H11504-00150 ug$425.00
Recombinant Influenza hemagglutinin H10 Jiangxi-DonghuInfluenza Hemagglutinin H101505-00150 ug$425.00
Recombinant Influenza hemagglutinin H10ΔTM Jiangxi-DonghuInfluenza hemagglutinin H101505-002100 ug$425.00
Recombinant Influenza Hemagglutinin H5 VietnamInfluenza Hemagglutinin H51501-00150 ug$425.00
Recombinant Influenza Hemagglutinin H7 AnhuiInfluenza Hemagglutinin H71502-00150 ug$425.00
Recombinant Influenza hemagglutinin H9 Hong KongInfluenza Hemagglutinin H91503-00150 ug$425.00
Recombinant Lassa Virus Z ProteinLassa Virus0508-001100 ug$435.00
Recombinant LukAB (tag free)LukAB0510-001100ug$350.00
Recombinant LukD (tag free)LukD0530-003100 ug$300.00
Recombinant LukE (tag free)LukE0530-004100 ug$300.00
Recombinant LukF-PV (His tagged)LukF-PV0536-001100 ug$300.00
Recombinant LukF-PV (tag free)LukF-PV0540-002100 ug$325.00
Recombinant LukS-PV (His tagged)LukS-PV0530-001100 ug$300.00
Recombinant LukS-PV (tag free)LukS-PV0540-001100 ug$325.00
Recombinant MARV VP40Marburg Virus0568-001100 ug$435.00
Recombinant MMARV GPdTMMarburg Virus0503-001100 ug$795.00
Recombinant RAVN GPΔdmuc (S2)Ravn Virus0513-015100 ug$435.00
Recombinant RESTV GPDTMReston Virus0504-015100 ug$435.00
Recombinant Staphylococcal Enterotoxin K (SEK)Staphylococcal Enterotoxin K0532-001100ug$325.00
Recombinant Staphylococcal Enterotoxin Q (SEQ)Staphylococcal Enterotoxin Q0533-001100 ug$325.00
Recombinant SUDV GPddmuc (Sf9)Sudan Virus0512-015100 ug$435.00
Recombinant SUDV GPDTMSudan Virus0502-015100 ug$435.00
Recombinant SUDV GPdTM (mammalian)Sudan Virus0502-001100 ug$495.00
Recombinant SUDV Soluble GP (sGP)Sudan Virus0570-001100 ug$495.00
Recombinant SUDV VP40Sudan Virus0569-001100 ug$435.00
Recombinant TSST-1 (tag free)TSST-11402-001100 ug$150.00
Recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus pseudotyped Ebola glycoprotein (rVSV pseudotyped EBOV GP)Ebola Virus1001-00120 uL$495.00
Recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus pseudotyped Marburg glycoprotein (rVSV pseudotyped MARV-Angola GP)Marburg Virus1004-001100 uL$495.00
Recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus pseudotyped Sudan glycoprotein (rVSV pseudotyped SUDV GP)Sudan Virus1002-00140 uL$495.00
Recombinant WEEV E2 GP (E3E2)Western Equine Encephalitis Virus0561-001100 ug$425.00
Recombinant WEEV E2 GP (E3E2) - (mammalian)Western Equine Encephalitis Virus0562-001100 ug$425.00
Recombinant Zika Ev2-dimer (S2)Zika Virus0556-002100 ug$435.00
Recombinant Zika Ev2-monomer (S2)Zika Virus0556-001100 ug$435.00
Recombinant Zika Ns2B-Ns3 (S2)Zika Virus0555-001100 ug$435.00
S. aureus Enterotoxin-B (SEB) ELISA KitSEB0123-0011 each$495.00
S. aureus Hla ELISA KitHla0120-0011 each$495.00
S. aureus LukF ELISA KitLukF-PV0122-0011 each$495.00
S. aureus LukS ELISA KitLukS-PV0121-0011 each$495.00
NewSARS-CoV2 full-length Spike ProteinCoronavirus0573-001100 ug$395.00
Sudan virus-like particles (SUDV VLP)Sudan Virus0567-0011 mg$495.00
SUDV Soluble GP (sGP) ELISA KitSudan Virus0102-0011 ea$495.00
West Nile Virus-NS1 (S2)West Nile Viurs0557-001100 ug$435.00
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IBT Bioservices continues to conduct critical work as an essential business under the State of Maryland’s COVID-19 response directive. We have implemented a risk management plan and are continually monitoring the situation to ensure continuation of research according to public health services recommended best-practices for keeping our employees and the community safe. 

The IBT Bioservices team will continue to deliver high quality products and services for every project. If you have any questions contact us at